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How To Make Money For Writing

How to make money for writing

How to Make Money Writing: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Are you a wordsmith at heart? Do you dream of turning your passion for writing into a profitable venture? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide on “How to Make Money for Writing” is your roadmap to success in the world of words. From budding bloggers to seasoned scribes, we’ve got you covered.

For example, on Slicethepie, you can earn cash from writing short reviews of fashion items and songs. All you need to do is sign up and you can get started immediately.

Discover the secret to turning your creativity into cold, hard cash. Explore the most lucrative writing platforms, unleash your creative prowess, and watch your bank account grow. Whether you’re captivated by captivating content, storytelling, or crafting compelling narratives, this guide is tailor-made for you.

Don’t let your talent go to waste. It’s time to transform your passion into profit. Dive into the world of writing opportunities and start earning your way to financial freedom today! Join us on this exhilarating journey where your words are your currency. Get ready to write your own success story!


  • Overview of the topic
  • Importance of exploring various writing platforms
  • Purpose of the blog post

Writing Platforms That Pay by Audience

  • Description of
  • How it works for writers
  • Earnings potential and personal experience
  • Pros and cons of using

  • Introduction to simily
  • Focus on creative writing opportunities
  • Earnings model and comparison with
  • Pros and cons of using Simily

  • Overview of Vocal as a writing platform
  • Unique features and earnings structure
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using Vocal

Writing Platforms That Pay via Job Boards

  • Application process and acceptance rate
  • Portfolio building and client interaction
  • Three ways to earn money on Scripted
  • Pros and cons of Scripted

  • Initial impressions and application process
  • Differentiating between job board, team orders, and direct orders
  • Discussion on pay rates and overall experience
  • Pros and cons of Text Broker

Recommendations for Beginners

  • Sign up for multiple platforms
  • Experiment with each platform
  • Determine the best fit based on earnings, experience, and preferences


  • Recap of key points
  • Encouragement for aspiring writers to explore their options
  • Final thoughts and next steps for making money through writing


Welcome to a world where your words have the power to turn your passion into profit! In this enlightening blog post, we’re diving headfirst into the exciting realm of making money through writing. Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or just beginning to explore your writing talents, you’re about to embark on a journey that could change your life.

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The ability to earn while doing what you love, expressing your creativity, and sharing your unique voice is a dream come true for many. And we’re here to help you turn that dream into a reality.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with invaluable insights, tips, and strategies to monetize your writing skills effectively. From freelancing on popular platforms to crafting engaging blog posts, from landing high-paying writing gigs to building a loyal client base, we’ve got it all covered.

So, why wait? Let’s start this journey together. Whether you’re a passionate poet, a captivating storyteller, a tech-savvy content creator, or someone with a unique perspective to share, there’s a place for you in the world of writing for profit.

Get ready to unleash your creativity, unlock your earning potential, and embark on a fulfilling path where your words are not just appreciated but also rewarded handsomely. Your future as a successful writer begins here!

Writing Platforms That Pay by Audience

Are you ready to discover the fascinating world of writing platforms where your earnings are directly tied to your audience’s engagement?

In this section, we’ll delve into three dynamic platforms that offer writers a unique opportunity to showcase their talents, build their audience, and earn money based on the reception of their content. It’s a thrilling fusion of creativity and commerce! The Social-Blogging Hybrid

  • Imagine a place where your words reach eager readers, and you get paid every time they engage with your content. That’s for you!
  • We’ll explain how Medium’s audience-driven payment model works, where writers are incentivized to craft engaging, thought-provoking content.
  • With personal experiences and insights, we’ll provide a glimpse into the immense earning potential of this platform.
  • Discover the pros, like creative freedom and a diverse range of topics, and the cons, such as the need to accumulate followers, that come with using Where Creative Writing Takes Center Stage

  • If you’re passionate about creative writing, Simily might just be your oasis in the desert of content creation platforms.
  • We’ll introduce you to the concept of Simily, an emerging platform tailored for writers who specialize in fiction, short stories, personal essays, and more.
  • Explore how Simily rewards writers based on the views their creative pieces receive, just like but with a unique creative twist.
  • Delve into the pros, such as a welcoming creative community, and the cons, like uncertainty about content promotion, of using The Blend of Creativity and Ad Revenue

  • Vocal is where your creativity meets ad revenue, offering a distinctive approach to writers looking to monetize their content.
  • We’ll guide you through Vocal’s audience-focused payment model and how writers can earn from both members and non-members.
  • Uncover the benefits, including an opportunity to participate in writing challenges with lucrative rewards, and the challenges, like opaque content promotion strategies, of utilizing

By the end of this section, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of these audience-driven platforms, each with its own set of perks and nuances. Whether you’re passionate about writing non-fiction, fiction, or creative pieces, there’s a platform waiting for you to share your voice and earn from your unique perspective.

  1. Where Creativity Meets Compensation
  2. is not your typical writing platform; it’s a dynamic blend of social media and blogging with a twist—getting paid for your words! This platform has captured the hearts of writers worldwide, offering a space where your talent can translate directly into earnings. Let’s delve deeper into the enchanting world of

    Platform Overview

    • Picture a platform where your words have the potential to reach a vast and engaged audience. On Medium, your posts are accessible to both followers and random readers, increasing your chances of exposure.
    • Unlike traditional blogging, where you rely solely on ads or affiliate marketing, Medium has a unique approach. Writers are rewarded a portion of the membership fee from paying Medium members who read their content.

    Make Money On Medium – How It Works

    • We’ll walk you through the fascinating process of how writers on Medium earn money. It’s a blend of quality content creation and reader engagement.
    • Writers strive to craft articles that resonate with readers, aiming for high view counts, claps, and shares. The more readers engage with your content, the more you earn!

    Earnings Potential and Personal Experience:

    • Get ready to be inspired as we share real-life success stories. Some Medium writers have earned significant amounts of money, transforming their passion for writing into a lucrative side hustle or even a full-time gig.
    • We’ll explore the potential earnings on Medium, with a breakdown of how much you can make per view or per thousand views.

    Pros and Cons of Using

    • Every platform has its strengths and drawbacks. We’ll provide you with an honest assessment of what makes a fantastic choice for writers and the challenges you might encounter.
    • Discover the pros, such as the freedom to write about any topic, the support of a thriving writing community, and the absence of distracting ads. However, we’ll also address the cons, like the requirement to accumulate 100 followers before earning and the platform’s limited payment options for certain countries.

    By the time you finish exploring in this section, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and insights needed to kickstart your journey toward monetizing your writing talent on this vibrant and rewarding platform.

  3. Where Creativity Flourishes and Pays Off
  4. is the writing platform that dares to celebrate and reward creative expression. If you’re an aspiring author, a lover of fiction, or have a penchant for crafting imaginative narratives, Simily is your canvas. Let’s dive into the enchanting realm of Simily:

    Introduction to

    • Simily stands out in the world of writing platforms for its unwavering focus on creative writing. It’s a sanctuary for fiction enthusiasts, short story creators, and those who revel in personal essays that touch the soul.
    • Discover how Simily encourages writers to unleash their creativity and how this platform distinguishes itself from others.

    Focus on Creative Writing Opportunities

    • While many writing platforms prioritize non-fiction and informative content, Simily takes a different route. Here, your creative writing skills shine as you craft fictional stories, share personal narratives, or engage readers with unique perspectives.
    • We’ll explore how Simily’s payment model works, which, like, rewards writers based on the views their creative pieces receive.

    Earnings Model and Comparison with

    • Get a glimpse into the potential earnings on Simily. You’ll find out how writers can earn money for their craft and how it stacks up compared to other platforms, such as
    • We’ll provide insights into the rate of earnings per view and offer a realistic perspective on what you can achieve as a Simily writer.

    Pros and Cons of Using Simily

    • Like any platform, Simily has its unique strengths and challenges. We’ll delve into what makes Simily a haven for creative writers, such as its supportive community and emphasis on storytelling.
    • We’ll also address the cons, including the uncertainty surrounding content promotion and how that can affect your visibility and earnings.

    By the end of this section, you’ll have a clear understanding of what sets Simily apart in the world of writing platforms. If you’re passionate about creative writing and yearn to share your stories with an audience that appreciates your artistry, Simily might just be the perfect platform to turn your passion into profit.

  5. Where Creativity Thrives and Rewards Flow In
  6. is the writing platform that beautifully marries creativity and ad revenue, offering writers a unique space to monetize their content. It’s a place where your words can resonate with readers and translate into earnings. Let’s dive deeper into the captivating world of Vocal:


    • stands out as a platform where writers have the opportunity to tap into ad revenue as they craft engaging content. It’s a platform designed for those who want to explore creative writing while earning a substantial income.
    • We’ll introduce you to the concept of Vocal and how it rewards writers based on the views and interactions their content generates.

    Earnings Model and Beyond

    • Explore the unique approach Vocal takes in compensating writers. Writers can earn not only from Vocal+ members but also from non-member views, offering a broader scope for earnings.
    • We’ll delve into the benefits, such as the opportunity to participate in writing challenges with enticing rewards, and the challenges that come with the platform, including questions about content promotion.

    Vocal+: The Added Advantage

    • Vocal+ is an exclusive program within Vocal that offers additional benefits to both readers and writers. We’ll explain how Vocal+ works and how it can boost your earnings potential.

    Pros and Cons of Using Vocal

    • Every platform has its strengths and limitations. We’ll provide a balanced view of what makes Vocal a fantastic choice for writers, including its payment diversity and creative freedom.
    • On the flip side, we’ll also address the challenges, such as the opacity surrounding content promotion strategies and how that can affect your reach and earnings.

    By the time you finish exploring Vocal in this section, you’ll be equipped with the insights and knowledge needed to embark on your journey toward turning your creative writing passion into a rewarding income stream.

    Writing Platforms That Pay via Job Boards

    Are you ready to explore a different dimension of the writing world? In this section, we’ll venture into two writing platforms that operate more like job boards. Here, you have the opportunity to accept writing assignments directly from clients. It’s a realm where your skills meet the demands of clients seeking quality content. Let’s dive in:

    Scripted: Your Gateway to Freelance Writing Opportunities

    • Scripted is a dynamic platform that opens the doors to freelance writing gigs. Writers can apply for assignments posted by clients, showcasing their expertise and landing rewarding projects.
    • We’ll provide a comprehensive overview of Scripted, how it works, and what sets it apart in the world of freelance writing platforms.
    • Learn how to navigate the Scripted application process and how to create a compelling portfolio that captures the attention of potential clients.

    Textbroker: Where Writers Connect with Clients for Diverse Content Needs

    • Textbroker offers a marketplace where writers can find clients seeking content across a wide range of industries and topics. It’s a platform designed to help writers establish themselves as content creators for diverse niches.
    • Discover the intricacies of Textbroker, including how you can apply for writing assignments and the process of selecting clients and topics that align with your expertise.
    • We’ll delve into the payment structure, allowing you to understand how your skills can translate into earnings on Textbroker.

    By the end of this section, you’ll have a firm grasp of how these job board-style writing platforms operate. Whether you’re a seasoned freelance writer or just starting your journey in the world of content creation, these platforms offer opportunities to hone your skills, build your portfolio, and earn money through freelance writing projects.

  7. Your Gateway to Freelance Writing Opportunities
  8. is your portal to a world of freelance writing opportunities where your talent and expertise can flourish. If you’re ready to take on diverse writing projects, Scripted is here to connect you with clients seeking quality content. Let’s explore this platform in more detail:

    Introduction to Scripted

    • Scripted is a versatile platform designed to bring freelance writers and clients together. Here, clients post writing assignments, and writers like you have the chance to apply for projects that align with your skills and interests.
    • Get a sense of what makes Scripted unique in the realm of freelance writing platforms.

    How Scripted Works

    • We’ll walk you through the process of using Scripted, from setting up your writer’s profile to browsing available assignments and submitting proposals to clients.
    • Discover the steps to create an appealing portfolio that showcases your expertise and increases your chances of landing writing gigs.

    Earnings Potential on Scripted

    • Learn about the payment structure on Scripted, allowing you to understand how your work translates into earnings. Scripted offers competitive rates for writers, making it a viable platform for both beginners and experienced freelancers.
    • Explore the opportunities to earn based on the complexity and length of the projects you take on.

    Pros and Cons of Using Scripted

    • Every platform has its strengths and challenges. We’ll provide insights into what makes Scripted a valuable choice for freelance writers, including its wide range of content topics and the potential for long-term client relationships.
    • On the flip side, we’ll address the challenges, such as competition for assignments and the need to stand out to secure projects.

    By the end of this exploration of Scripted, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on your freelance writing journey, armed with the knowledge of how to use this platform to your advantage. Whether you’re seeking a steady stream of writing projects or looking to diversify your portfolio, Scripted offers opportunities to thrive in the world of freelance writing.

  9. Your Bridge to Diverse Content Writing
  10. is the versatile platform where freelance writers like you can connect with clients seeking content across a vast array of subjects and industries. Whether you’re an experienced wordsmith or just starting your writing journey, Textbroker offers an opportunity to earn through your writing skills. Let’s delve into the world of Textbroker:

Introduction to Textbroker

  • Textbroker is a dynamic online marketplace that acts as a bridge between clients and freelance writers. Clients post content requests, and writers have the chance to select assignments that match their interests and expertise.
  • Discover what makes Textbroker a unique platform for freelance writers and how it facilitates content creation.

Navigating Textbroker

  • We’ll guide you through the process of using Textbroker, from setting up your writer’s profile to browsing available assignments and submitting proposals.
  • Learn how to choose clients and topics that align with your skills and interests, ensuring an enjoyable and profitable writing experience.

Understanding Textbroker’s Payment Structure

  • Get insights into Textbroker’s payment system, allowing you to understand how your writing efforts translate into earnings. Textbroker offers a tiered payment structure that rewards writers based on their experience and quality of work.
  • Explore how your earnings can grow as you progress through different author levels, and learn about the potential for long-term client relationships.

Pros and Cons of Using Textbroker

  • Like any platform, Textbroker has its unique advantages and challenges. Discover what makes Textbroker an attractive choice for freelance writers, including its diversity of content topics and the potential for steady work.
  • We’ll also address the limitations, such as competition among writers and the need to maintain high-quality standards to secure ongoing projects.

By the end of this exploration of Textbroker, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your freelance writing journey, leveraging the opportunities this platform provides. Whether you’re looking to expand your writing portfolio, earn extra income, or establish long-term client relationships, Textbroker offers a gateway to a diverse and rewarding world of content writing.

Recommendations for Beginners: Navigating Your Writing Journey

As a beginner looking to embark on a rewarding journey in the world of writing and earn money from your passion, it’s crucial to have guidance and a clear roadmap. Here are some valuable recommendations tailored to help you
kickstart your writing career:

Diversify Your Portfolio

To increase your chances of landing assignments, create a diverse portfolio that showcases your writing skills across various topics. This versatility can attract a wider range of clients and projects.

Build a Strong Online Presence

Establish an online presence through platforms like LinkedIn and personal websites. Having an online presence not only adds to your credibility but also makes it easier for clients to discover your work.

Hone Your Writing Skills

Continuous improvement is key. Invest time in honing your writing skills, whether through online courses, writing workshops, or reading books on writing. The better your writing, the more opportunities you’ll unlock.

Network and Connect

Join writing communities, forums, and social media groups related to your niche. Networking can help you connect with other writers, share experiences, and discover new writing opportunities.

Start with Entry-Level Platforms

Consider beginning your journey on platforms that cater to beginners, such as Medium, Simile, or Textbroker. These platforms offer a stepping stone to gain experience and build your confidence.

Set Realistic Goals

Establish clear and achievable goals for your writing career. Whether it’s writing a certain number of articles per week or earning a specific income target, having goals can keep you motivated and focused.

Be Persistent and Patient

The writing journey may have its ups and downs. Be prepared to face rejection and setbacks, but don’t let them deter you. Persistence and patience are vital traits for success.

Research Your Niche

If you have a niche in mind, conduct thorough research to understand your target audience, industry trends, and the types of content that perform well. Knowledge of your niche can set you apart.

Stay Informed

Keep up with industry news, writing trends, and content marketing updates. Staying informed will help you adapt to changes in the writing landscape and position yourself as a knowledgeable writer.

Deliver Consistent Quality

Consistency and quality go hand in hand. Ensure that each piece of writing you produce meets high standards. Clients value reliability and professionalism.

Seek Feedback and Learn from Rejections

Embrace feedback, whether from clients or fellow writers. Learn from rejections and use them as opportunities to improve your skills.

Manage Your Time Effectively

Writing requires discipline. Create a writing schedule that fits your lifestyle and allows you to balance writing with other commitments.

Explore Multiple Platforms

Don’t limit yourself to just one platform. Explore various writing platforms, job boards, and content mills to find the ones that align best with your goals and interests.

Protect Your Work

Familiarize yourself with copyright and plagiarism rules to protect your intellectual property. Use plagiarism detection tools when necessary to ensure the integrity of your work.

Remember, every writer’s journey is unique. Embrace the learning process, be open to new experiences, and stay committed to your passion for writing. With dedication and these recommendations in your toolkit, you’re well on your way to a successful writing career.

Conclusion: Embrace Your Writing Journey

In your quest to make money through writing, you’re embarking on a fulfilling and ever-evolving journey. As we conclude this exploration of writing platforms and recommendations for beginners, it’s essential to remember a few key takeaways:

  • Writing Is a Craft: Writing is not just a way to earn money; it’s a craft that can be honed and perfected over time. Every word you put on paper or screen is an opportunity to grow and improve.
  • Diverse Opportunities Await: The world of writing offers an abundance of opportunities. Whether you’re passionate about storytelling, technical writing, or content creation, there’s a niche for you.
  • Stay Resilient: Rejections and setbacks are part of the writer’s journey. Stay resilient in the face of challenges, and use them as stepping stones toward your goals.
  • Continuous Learning: Writing is a lifelong learning process. Embrace the opportunity to expand your knowledge and expertise, as it will only enhance your writing prowess.
  • Community Matters: Connect with fellow writers, seek advice, and share your experiences. A supportive writing community can be a source of inspiration and motivation.
  • Your Voice Matters: Your unique perspective and voice are valuable assets in the world of writing. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and stories with the world.
  • Set Your Own Path: While these platforms and recommendations offer valuable guidance, your writing journey is ultimately your own. Set your own goals, define your path, and celebrate your successes along the way.

As you take your first steps into the world of writing, know that each word you write is a testament to your creativity and determination. Whether you choose to begin on platforms like Medium or Textbroker or venture into the realm of freelance writing, your potential is boundless.

So, embrace your journey as a writer with open arms, for it’s a path filled with discovery, growth, and the fulfillment of sharing your thoughts and stories with the world. May your writing endeavors be both financially rewarding and deeply enriching, allowing you to craft a meaningful and successful career as a writer.


Here are 10 frequently asked questions (FAQs) about how to make money writing.

What are the different ways to make money through writing?

There are various avenues, including freelance writing, content creation, blogging, copywriting, technical writing, and self-publishing, to name a few.

Can I make a full-time income from writing?

Yes, many writers make a full-time income, but it often requires dedication, skill development, and consistent effort.

How can I find freelance writing gigs as a beginner?

You can start by joining freelancing platforms, networking with other writers, and pitching your services to clients or publications.

Are there platforms that pay writers based on the number of views or engagement?

Yes, platforms like Medium, Simile, and Vocal pay writers based on the engagement their articles receive, such as views, reads, and claps.

What is affiliate marketing in writing, and how can I use it to earn money?

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services through your writing and earning a commission for sales generated through your referral links.

Is self-publishing a viable way to make money as a writer?

Yes, self-publishing allows you to earn royalties from book sales on platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

How can I protect my intellectual property and prevent plagiarism of my work?

You can protect your work by using copyright notices, registering your work, and utilizing plagiarism detection tools.

What are some tips for setting competitive rates as a freelance writer?

Research industry standards, consider your experience and expertise, and factor in the complexity and length of the writing project.

Are there writing platforms or job boards that pay higher rates than others?

Rates can vary significantly between platforms and clients. It’s essential to research and select opportunities that offer fair compensation for your skills.

How long does it typically take to start earning money as a writer?

The time it takes to earn money varies based on factors like your writing experience, niche, marketing efforts, and the platforms you choose. Some writers start earning within a few weeks, while others may take several months to establish themselves.

These FAQs provide valuable insights into the world of making money through writing and can serve as a starting point for those looking to pursue a writing career.

Other Ways to Make Money Online

Looking for a few quick ways to make money fast?

There are several legitimate ways to make money online, and here are some options to consider:

  • Start a blog or website for less than $2.99 per month, save 75% of web hosting, 30 day money back guarantee, free domain, free SSL, free email and much more.
  • 9 Best free AI tools for your business or personal use that will blow your mind. You must watch the video.
  • Respondent is a platform that pays users for sharing their knowledge and experience. Unlike other similar websites that pay pennies for completing tasks, Respondent pays anywhere from $100 to $750 an hour for participating in studies.
  • Wealthy Affiliate: Are you dreaming of a life filled with financial freedom and unlimited opportunities? Look no further than Wealthy Affiliate, the ultimate destination for ambitious individuals who aspire to unlock their true potential in the world of online business.
  • Fiverr: If you have specific skills or talents, consider freelancing online. Platforms like Fiverr allow you to offer your services and earn money on your terms.
  • Ysense: Get paid for trying new products and services, downloading apps, taking paid surveys, signing up for websites, watching videos and more.
  • FreeCash: Get paid for testing apps, testing websites, taking surveys and much more.
  • Lootup: Earn cash rewards by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, simple tasks, and joining free give aways and contests. Sign Up and get $5
  • TimeBucks: Earn cash from doing things such as taking surveys, post on Facebook, watching videos, voting, testing website, installing free apps, playing games, performing web searches and much more!
  • Slicethepie: Get paid to listen to music, write reviews on new songs, fashion items, accessories and commercials before they are released.
  • Pawns App: Enables you to make money instantly. Make passive money online by completing surveys and sharing your internet.
  • Hipcamp: Sharing your spot with community of Hipcampers is a great way to connect people with nature while earning some extra revenue. Find Out How Hipcamp Hosts Earn $75,000 Per Year.

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