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Top 7 Best Remote Jobs That Are Always Hiring

top 7 best remote jobs that are always hiring

Navigating Tranquil Careers: Your Guide to the Top 7 Always-Hiring Remote Jobs!

Earn over forty dollars an hour from the comfort of your home and starting with zero money and zero experience well you can and what makes it even better is it’s actually easier to get hired for these types of position than it is for traditional jobs in fact with some of these you can literally get hired and start making money.

Dive into a serene exploration of remote employment opportunities with our curated selection of the “Top 7 Best Remote Jobs That Are Always Hiring.” Embrace the tranquility of working from home while discovering roles that offer stability, purpose, and financial fulfillment. Whether you’re drawn to Internet Scoping, Telehealth Coordination, or Customer Success Management, there’s a serene path waiting for you. Join us on a journey where calm professionalism meets the tranquility of remote work, opening doors to endless possibilities.


  • Teaser about the possibility of earning over forty dollars an hour from home with zero money and experience.
  • Highlighting the ease of getting hired for remote positions compared to traditional jobs.

Internet Scoping

  • Definition of internet scoping and its role in helping lawyers make sense of arguments.
  • Anecdote about John journey from being laid off to making over $4500 a month as a scopist.
  • Pros and cons of scoping, emphasizing the flexibility and potential income growth.
  • Opportunity score: 7 out of 10.

Telehealth Coordinator

  • Explanation of the role, managing video calls for doctors and patients.
  • Growing demand for remote healthcare and its impact on Telehealth coordinators.
  • Expected annual income and pros and cons, including stress management and staying updated on healthcare technologies.
  • Opportunity score: 7.5 out of 10.

Live Chat Specialist

  • Comparing the role to being a therapist in a chat format.
  • Customer satisfaction in live chat support versus phone or email interactions.
  • Average annual income, incentives, and pros and cons, emphasizing the ease of entry.
  • Opportunity score: 9.5 out of 10.

Content Moderator

  • Describing the role as being a “bouncer for the internet” and ensuring user-generated content compliance.
  • Types of moderation and potential challenges, including exposure to disturbing content.
  • Pros and cons, highlighting flexible hours and the importance of the work.
  • Opportunity score: 7 out of 10.

Business System Admin

  • Quoting John Chambers on the importance of adapting to new technologies.
  • The role of managing and maintaining software systems for effective business operations.
  • Expected annual income, pros, and cons, emphasizing the growing demand for skilled administrators.
  • Opportunity score: 8 out of 10.

Apple Home Care Specialist

  • Introduction to the role of Apple Home Advisors, assisting customers remotely with Apple product issues.
  • Salary information, positive reviews, and benefits associated with the position.
  • Pros and cons, including dealing with frustrated customers and odd working hours.
  • Opportunity score: 8 out of 10.

Customer Success Manager

  • Emphasizing the importance of retaining existing customers and the role of a customer success manager.
  • Annual income, the prevalence of the role in high-ticket industries, and the need for strong communication skills.
  • Pros and cons, focusing on the opportunity to work closely with clients.
  • Opportunity score: 9.5 out of 10.


  • Recap of the top 7 remote jobs, highlighting their unique features and opportunity scores.
  • Encouragement for readers to explore these opportunities and links to additional resources for getting started.

Introduction: Unlocking Lucrative Opportunities from the Comfort of Home

In a world where the traditional job landscape is evolving, there exists a tranquil realm of remote employment waiting to be explored. Imagine the prospect of earning over forty dollars an hour, all from the serene confines of your home, and what if I told you it requires zero money and zero prior experience? Picture a scenario where the ease of securing these positions surpasses that of conventional jobs. Intrigued? You should be.

This blog post is your guide to the top 7 best remote jobs that are not only accessible but also promise a seamless transition into the realm of online employment. As we delve into these opportunities, envisage a serene journey, discovering roles that harmonize with the tranquility of your home while providing financial fulfillment. Join me as we navigate the tranquil waters of remote employment, exploring careers that offer both comfort and sustainability.

  1. Internet Scoping: Unraveling Legal Complexity with Comfortable Precision
  2. Amidst the array of remote work possibilities, let’s start our exploration with the tranquil realm of Internet Scoping. Picture yourself working from the cocoon of your home, clad in pajamas, yet playing a crucial role in making sense of lawyers’ intricate arguments. Internet Scoping, often an enigma to many, is akin to being a digital detective, decoding the mysteries concealed within legal transcripts.

    In this calm and collected journey, envision an opportunity where your eagle eye for detail and knack for research transform you into a valuable asset for legal professionals. Dive into the inspiring tale of individuals like John, who transitioned from being laid off to carving out a monthly income exceeding $4500 as a scopist. Beginning as a beginner, you might find yourself earning a modest $500 to $800 a month, gradually progressing to $1500 to $4500 as you gain experience.

    Like the ebb and flow of the tides, Internet Scoping is a career marked by seasons of heightened activity, ensuring a dynamic and engaging professional life. As we wade through the pros and cons, imagine the flexibility of working from home, embracing a schedule tailored to your rhythm. Yet, acknowledge the potential for repetitive tasks and the necessity to adapt to evolving software and techniques.

    So, if you find solace in meticulousness and possess a subtle penchant for grammar precision, Internet Scoping beckons. In this serene landscape, with an opportunity score of 7 out of 10, you have the chance to unravel legal complexities from the comfort of your haven, contributing to a profession that combines tranquility with purpose.

  3. Telehealth Coordinator: Nurturing Healthcare Harmony from Home
  4. In the serene tapestry of remote work, let’s explore the role of a Telehealth Coordinator, where the tranquility of your living space intertwines with the vitality of healthcare support. Imagine a scenario where, devoid of scrubs and hospital hustle, you play the orchestrator in the symphony of virtual health consultations.

    As a Telehealth Coordinator, envision yourself as the calm traffic cop for doctors and patients, managing the ebb and flow of video calls with the finesse of a seasoned conductor. In an era where remote healthcare is burgeoning, the demand for coordinators like yourself is on a gentle rise, harmonizing the needs of both patients and medical practitioners.

    Picture the landscape: an annual income of around $48,000, your workplace extending to anywhere with a stable internet connection. Breathe in the pros – the ability to work from the comfort of your abode, contributing to healthcare without direct patient interactions. Yet, exhale into the cons – the potential for stress when orchestrating multiple appointments and the ongoing need to synchronize with evolving healthcare technologies.

    Embrace the notion that, in this tranquil realm, you become a bridge between medical assistance and those seeking it. The opportunity score, a calm 7.5 out of 10, invites you to explore a career where your organizational prowess aligns seamlessly with the evolving landscape of remote healthcare. Telehealth coordination, where the calm pulse of your home echoes with the heartbeat of healthcare efficiency.

  5. Live Chat Specialist: Navigating Support Serenity in the Digital Realm
  6. In the serene expanse of remote occupations, let’s embark on a tranquil exploration of the role of a Live Chat Specialist. Envision a scenario where your multitasking prowess and knack for problem-solving converge harmoniously within the digital domain, offering support without the need for face-to-face or voice interactions.

    As a Live Chat Specialist, picture yourself as a digital empath, extending assistance with the gentle strokes of your keyboard. Studies have revealed that customers find solace and satisfaction in the soothing realm of live chat, making your role akin to that of a calm guide, steering individuals through their concerns. In this serene occupation, an average annual income of $43,000 awaits, with potential incentives for guiding users towards

    specific products.

    Unveil the pros of this digital haven: the flexibility to work from any corner with an internet connection, the joy of helping people and resolving issues in the tranquil language of typed words. Yet, acknowledge the gentle cons – the occasional encounters with frustrated customers and the art of juggling multiple chats concurrently.

    Embrace the tranquility of Live Chat Support, where your multitasking finesse transforms you into a digital superhero without the need for capes or commuting. With an opportunity score of 9.5 out of 10, envision a serene path into a profession that values ease of entry and invites you to weave a calm web of support in the digital sphere.

  7. Content Moderator: Crafting Digital Peace in a Tranquil Space
  8. Within the peaceful realms of remote work, let’s navigate the tranquil waters of Content Moderation. Picture yourself as a guardian of the internet, ensuring a serene online space by carefully reviewing user-generated content. In this role, you stand as a gentle arbiter, maintaining the delicate balance between freedom of expression and adherence to guidelines.

    As a Content Moderator, visualize your responsibility in the subtle art of keeping online spaces free from disturbances. Whether it be comments, photos, or videos, you delicately sift through the digital mosaic, ensuring compliance with established norms. With an average annual income of around $42,000, the tranquil flexibility of remote work becomes your canvas.

    Explore the pros of this serene occupation – flexible hours that align with the rhythm of your life, the ability to contribute to the importance of online content quality. Yet, acknowledge the subdued cons – the potential exposure to disturbing content and the scrutiny that comes with the responsibility of moderation.

    In this calm haven of digital guardianship, Content Moderation beckons as a role that invites you to foster a serene digital environment. With an opportunity score of 7 out of 10, envision yourself as a gentle curator of online spaces, ensuring that the online world remains a tranquil expanse for all who traverse its virtual landscapes.

  9. Business System Admin: Nurturing Organizational Harmony in the Virtual Realm
  10. In the serene expanse of remote employment, let’s venture into the tranquil role of a Business System Administrator. Picture yourself as a meticulous mechanic, not of engines, but of the intricate software systems that orchestrate seamless business operations. In this tranquil journey, you become the architect of digital harmony, ensuring that businesses navigate the online landscape with graceful precision.

    As a Business System Admin, envision the serenity of managing and maintaining the digital infrastructure that propels businesses forward. Adaptability becomes your ally as you safeguard the operational engine, embracing the tranquility of remote work. With an average annual income of $97,000, the tranquil perks of good pay and flexible hours await you.

    Explore the tranquil pros of this occupation – the financial stability brought by good pay, the flexibility to mold your work hours to match the cadence of your life. Yet, acknowledge the subtle cons – the constant need for learning and potential long hours during system outages, a gentle trade-off for the serenity of remote work.

    Embrace the tranquility of Business System Administration, where you morph into a serene guardian of digital efficiency. With an opportunity score of 8 out of 10, envisage a path into a career that invites you to shape the tranquil contours of businesses, all from the peaceful confines of your remote haven.

  11. Apple Home Care Specialist: Crafting Tech Solutions with Tranquility
  12. In the tranquil landscape of remote opportunities, let’s embark on a serene exploration of the role of an Apple Home Care Specialist. Imagine yourself as a digital troubleshooter, extending your expertise from the comfort of your home to assist customers facing challenges with their Apple products. In this calm journey, you become a beacon of support in the vast digital sea.

    As an Apple Home Care Specialist, visualize your days spent tranquilly resolving issues, ensuring that iPhones and other Apple devices seamlessly return to their optimal state. Revel in the serenity of remote work, knowing that your troubleshooting skills contribute to the digital well-being of users worldwide. Glassdoor reports an average annual income of around $37,000, complemented by the tranquil allure of extensive training and enticing benefits.

    Explore the serene pros of this occupation – the bliss of working remotely, the enriching experience of extensive training, and the privilege of associating with a globally renowned company. Yet, acknowledge the gentle cons – the occasional encounters with frustrated customers and the potential need to accommodate odd working hours.

    In this tranquil haven of tech support, Apple Home Care beckons as a role where your calm expertise merges seamlessly with the digital realm. With an opportunity score of 8 out of 10, envision yourself as a serene problem-solver, navigating the digital intricacies with grace, all from the soothing confines of your remote sanctuary.

  13. Customer Success Manager: Orchestrating Tranquil Business Harmony
  14. In the tranquil expanse of remote professions, let’s delve into the serene role of a Customer Success Manager. Envision yourself as a conductor in the symphony of client satisfaction, crafting a serene melody that fosters long-term relationships and business prosperity. In this calm journey, you become the guide, ensuring clients traverse their experiences with tranquility.

    As a Customer Success Manager, picture the serenity of cultivating existing customers, a practice proven to be significantly more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Your role transcends traditional customer service, becoming the custodian of harmonious client interactions, often prevalent in high-ticket industries. With an average annual income of around $94,000, revel in the financial tranquility that accompanies this vital role.

    Explore the tranquil pros of this occupation – the ability to work remotely, the high demand for your expertise, and the opportunity to intimately collaborate with clients. Yet, acknowledge the subtle cons – the necessity for robust communication skills and the occasional exposure to high-pressure situations.

    In this calm sanctuary of customer success, envision yourself as the serene guardian of client contentment. With an opportunity score of 9.5 out of 10, embark on a path where your tranquil guidance transforms ordinary transactions into harmonious relationships, all within the peaceful embrace of your remote workspace.

Conclusion: Tranquil Horizons in Remote Careers

As we gently conclude this exploration of remote career possibilities, imagine the tranquility of unlocking lucrative opportunities from the serenity of your home. The top seven remote jobs unveiled a serene landscape where financial fulfillment harmonizes with the comfort of your personal space.

Consider the calm possibilities – from the meticulous world of Internet Scoping to the nurturing role of a Telehealth Coordinator, and the serene realms of Live Chat Support and Content Moderation. The tranquil landscape extends to the intricate digital harmonies managed by Business System Admins, the tech support tranquility of Apple Home Care Specialists, and the orchestration of customer satisfaction by serene Customer Success Managers.

Each opportunity presented itself as a calm invitation, embracing the prospect of remote work with open arms. Whether you find solace in digital intricacies, healthcare support, or client satisfaction orchestration, there exists a serene path for everyone.

In this tranquil realm, the journey is not just about employment but about crafting a serene balance between professional fulfillment and the tranquility of your home. As you ponder the top seven opportunities, consider the gentle blend of ease, purpose, and financial stability they offer.

So, as you tread the serene path into remote work, may tranquility guide your steps, and may the horizons of these opportunities unfold with grace, providing not just careers but a serene sanctuary for your professional aspirations.

FAQs: Tranquil Answers to Your Curiosities

How quickly can I get hired for these remote jobs?

The speed of securing a remote job depends on various factors, including your qualifications, skills, and the specific job market. While some roles, like Live Chat Specialist, offer swift entry, others may require a bit more time for skill development and experience.

Do I need specialized education or experience for these positions?

Many of these roles welcome beginners, requiring minimal to no specific prior experience. However, possessing relevant skills or a willingness to learn can certainly enhance your chances. The key is often a calm dedication to adaptability and continuous improvement.

What are the potential cons of working in a remote setting?

While the tranquility of remote work is appealing, it’s crucial to acknowledge potential challenges. Common cons include dealing with frustrated customers, managing multiple tasks simultaneously, and staying updated on evolving technologies. However, these are aspects that can be navigated with a calm and focused approach.

Are there resources available for getting started in these careers?

Absolutely. In the description and pinned comment below, you’ll find resources to help you embark on your remote career journey. Some are free, and others may require a calm investment, but all are reasonably accessible to assist you in pursuing these tranquil opportunities.

Can I make a sustainable career out of these roles?

While these positions offer a serene entry into the world of remote work, some may evolve into long-term careers, especially roles like Business System Admin or Customer Success Manager. Consider your career goals and aspirations, and let the tranquil nature of each role guide your decisions.

Remember, your journey into remote work can be as calm and tailored as you desire. Feel free to explore, adapt, and embrace the tranquil opportunities that align with your aspirations and the rhythm of your life.

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